PER 2000 Junior High Power

PEMF Therapy for HOME USE

Provide yourself with an effective pain management and recovery solution for home with the PER 2000 Junior.  Great for the active family starting at $15,000 Cdn.

This non-invasive, all-natural therapeutic tool targets pain sources in the body through powerful, yet safe, magnetic energy pulses.

As a method of Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy, the PER 2000 Junior energizes the body’s cells and optimizes their function to promote rapid repair.

Athletes, those managing chronic pain conditions or injury patients can all benefit from magnetic healing – and operating the PER 2000 Junior in your home can also help other family members as well.

How It Works

The PER 2000 Junior is lightweight and portable, allowing people to easily move it around their home or use it on the go or at community events.

If you’re interested in adding holistic, healing treatments to your home that can aid people of all ages and stages in life, the PER 2000 Junior can accompany your normal life and provide enhanced outcomes and 100% satisfaction.

100% Safe

There have been ZERO adverse reactions or events reported with the use of the PER 2000! In 30 plus years of research, study, and mainstream use there have been no reported negative side effects with the use PEMF!

On-Site Training

Live on-site device training with one of our skilled support team representatives. Our commitment to quality and the restorative benefits of Pulsed Energy are unmatched.


The PER 2000 device is widely considered the best in the industry. Pulsed Energy Technologies is an ISO 13485 Manufacturer, which is the strongest and most advanced PEMF technology on the market.

Jake Arrieta

2015 MLB Cy Young Winner

I love that I have a unit that can travel with me everywhere. I’ll tell you what, the PER 2000 and PEMF has definitely made a difference. I am fascinated with the product Pulsed Energy Technologies has created, and truly stand behind its ability. My stance on marketing is simple and organic. I give Pulsed Energy Technology genuine support, and that’s really the only way I operate.

PEMF Machine Training

Pulsed Energy Technologies custom training and support options ensure that you get the best results from your machine.

In fact, our commitment to quality and the restorative benefits of Pulsed Energy is so great that our support team offers training services for all energy devices – even our competitors!

Pulsed Energy Technologies is now offering advanced on-site device training to all users seeking even greater energy restoration and pain management benefits. Contact us today to find out if on-site training is right for you.

The PER 2000 Junior is recommended for home use. 

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