PEMF Testimonials

I first used the PER 2000 when I was with Buffalo for my foot injury and it helped a lot. Now that I am with Oakland I am using it on my ankle injury with great success.

Lee Smith // NFL

This is my favorite therapy I employ in my office! This is truly amazing when it comes to healing the body, especially for acute, traumatic pain.

Dr. Robert Selig // DC

We are getting some AMAZING testimonials. Speeding up healing, decreasing inflammation, helping people with chronic pain, the results we are getting are amazing. We were introduced to this technology as Chiropractors for the Texas Rangers, using it at the ballpark and we brought to our patients at 180 Wellness to allow them to us the same technology pro athletes are using.

Dr. Wade Parkhill // DC

We have been using it with a hamstring injury and elbow injury recently. We’ve created a “it can’t hurt to try it” premise. We also have 2 Los Angeles Dodgers coaches who use it on their shoulders and swear by it!

Neil Rampe // ATC

Absolutely love it! Helped with allergies, energy, rash on legs and arms, as well as foot pain for a long time. It’s been great.

Dr. Chris Montanaro // DC

In 25+ years in practice, this is the first new modality I have added in years. I am a tough sale and this machine has proven time and time again that I made the right decision to add it to my Sports Medicine practice. It works as advertised!

Dr. Terry Weyman // DC

I love that I have a unit that can travel with me everywhere. I’ll tell you what man, the PER 2000 has definitely made a difference. I am fascinated the product you guys have created and truly stand by its ability. My stance on marketing for companies is simple and organic. I give PET genuine support, and that’s really the way I would operate.

Jake Arrieta // MLB, 2015 Cy Young Award Winner

The results we have seen from the PER 2000 on others have been good. The PER team provides knowledgeable, friendly service from introduction to the use of the unit.

Jim Mauer // MS, ATC

I can tell you from personal experience: low back pain, headaches, chronic neck pain are absolutely, positively influenced long term by this machine. I highly recommend it.

Dr. Mark Charrette // DC

I’ve used Pulsed Energy for about 5 years now…I recently just used it for my recent hip surgery. It’s helped me recover WAY faster than anybody thought!

Brad Smith // NFL

I like it. It feels like it hits my hot spots. It works on my sore joints, things of that nature. I feel like it relaxes them and helps them recover faster.

Igor Olshansky // NFL

I mean I’ve only seen positive results. It’s bizarre how well it works. I’ve used it all this training camp. This previous training camp I had lots of little strains and pulls; then I used it this past off-season and this past training camp; I don’t recall having any strains or pulls and if I did, I didn’t miss time along with my massage. It kept me healthy.

Ben Patrick // NFL

I am a professional baseball player and both my Father and Uncle were major league-rs as well. We’ve been exposed to all the technologies “under the sun” over the last twenty years, including all the PEMF machines. I can tell you as far as I have seen and experienced, there is no modality out there better than the PER 2000 for professional athletes to use. At minimum, this is something every athlete should have access to.

C.J. Fick // MLB

This modality is a unique form of care. My impressions are exactly that the user response has ​exceeded normal anticipated recovery time. We are excited about the potential the PER 2000 has. The PER 2000 is unique, exciting, and different.

John Omohundro // ATC

We find it really effective. It just provides us with another way to be comprehensive in our care for our players. We first used it on very stubborn bruised calcaneus bone in the left foot of a player. Now we use it for things like inflamed joints, contusions, muscle strains, ligament strains, and primary bone contusions and bruises.

Dr. Rick Celebrini // PT

Dude it (PER 2000) helped me heal my hip fast enough to play in a playoff game.

Matt Hasselbeck // NFL

I’ve never felt anything so great on my shoulder and hamstring.

Leonys Martin // MLB

I recently used the PER 2000 several times for a leg injury. It helped me quite a bit in the recover process. I think it is a very good way to help athletes and people to get back in the game faster.

Terrance Newman // NFL

I’ve used Pulsed Energy for 12 years to help a number of injuries over my career. A lot of people know me for recovering from injuries fast over my career. A lot of it has to do with diet and a lot of it with cutting edge technologies. This is where Pulsed Energy comes into play.

Terrell Owens // NFL

We received outstanding help from purchase to technical training. The PER 2000 staff is always there to offer advise and assistance on protocols. The results of use in our practice are very good. We have even observed the successful results with chronic fatigue using the PER 2000!

Dr. Peter Walters // MS D.C.

I fell off an attic latter and struck a block wall with my shoulder-it was dislocated, tearing muscles in the process. This type of injury would require surgical intervention and require that I lift no more than the weight of a coffee cup for 3 months. But with the help of the PER 2000 I was able to return to work by the next day and continue work from day one. After that, one of my patients who had Rheumatoid Arthritis receive a lot of needed energy and vitality at first. Joint pain got a lot better. Now the range of motion is also improved. ACL and knee problems respond fantastic, same with spinal discs, they are better also.

Dr. Cliff Nickel // D.C.

We’ve seen good responses to treatment of bone bruises and acute muscle strains.

Graeme Poole // Physio

We’ve used the PER 2000 on our athletes and our staff with great success and great results. Both injury recovery and pain relief, we’ve seen GREAT results and really like the technology! We think it can help others in those same areas.

Aaron Nelson // MS, ATC

I played in 3 World Cups as well as professionally in 3 different countries. As a former professional athlete who had to retire early due to injury-when it’s over, you’re dealing with pain consistently. The one thing I can tell you is the PER 2000 has eliminated a lot of my pain.

Eric Wynalda // US Soccer

I first used the PER 2000 6 days after surgery for a fractured knee cap. I used it one time. I finally got my kicking motion back in my leg! It’s amazing how far technology has come. Trust me, it works!

Gabe Watson // NFL

I had a track star that had Patella tendinitis. She could barely do a one legged squat. I used the machine on her, just one time, and she was able to do a full squat down with no pain. I did the machine about two more times and her knee was fine! The second person I used the machine on was a shoulder problem. This person could only raise their arm up to to about 45 degrees and they had a lot of pain. Right after the treatment they were able to raise their arm to at least 75-80 degrees. If you are a fellow Chiropractor that’s looking to make an impact on your patient base or your athletes, the PER 2000 will bring you to the next level. It will help accelerate the results on everything that you are doing to help patients. It will help hold your treatments longer and make your treatments more effective! It also has turned into a HUGE profit center for my practice, and will for you too.

Dr. Eric Blum // ATC

In all honesty, this thing has just blown me away! I haven’t added anything to my office in years. This is probably the most powerful thing we’ve had in our practice. It has exceeded my expectations. My practice has significantly increased my revenue.

Dr. Ken Toy // D.C.

I tell other Chiropractors that this machine has been the BEST investment I have ever made in my entire career, and that they would NOT regret making the investment themselves. The PER 2000 works wonders on patients, and it will keep them on the competitive edge!

Dr. Leo Lanning // D.C.

I’ve seen tremendous results using this amazing technology…with my athletes…with my chronic/degenerative patients…reducing pain, reducing inflammation, increasing range of motion. I wouldn’t really consider practicing without the PER 2000 in my practice today. I think for expanding results, for helping patients, this is a “must have” modality in YOUR office.

Dr. Doug Miller // D.C.

The horses can’t tell me where they are hurting, but by sweeping the coil from the PER 2000 across their bodies, I can tell EXACTLY where the problem is and where they need energy. This thing is AMAZING!

Dr. Herb Warren // DVM

We used Pulsed Energy on “I’ll Have Another” before winning the Kentucky Derby in 2012. As you can see he is getting a general well being treatment, he is loving the treatment, and loving life.

Tyler Cerin // Therapist

The first time I used the PER 2000 on my knee, I knew we needed PEMF for our patients. Our office is really big on energy medicine. There is nothing on the market that compares to the PER 2000 PEMF-and the results our patients have seen is a game changer.

Dr. Steve Mangas // D.C.

We’ve used “ZEUS” on our athletes for the past 4 years with GREAT results!

Jim Thornton // MS, ATC

I’ve known Josh and the PER 2000 for a long time…and it’s helped me with SO many injuries…I think it could help the rest of the world.

Maurice Ager // NBA

I’ve owned and operated the PER 2000 since 2008 and in that time, I have been witness to nothing short of incredible results. From wrist fractures completely healed and functioning within 5 weeks, to aiding in fertility problems in women. Personally, I had suffered sinus issues for 20 years and in one session of the PER 2000, was rid of years of suffering! Thus, in purchasing the machine, I have had the pleasure and confidence in assisting thousands of my patients back to health, for any complaint. We’ve found that movement in treatment is optimal for musculoskeletal conditions and use on specific organization improves physiology. The PER 2000 is THE perfect accompaniment to any style of practitioner.

Dr. Dan Strong // D.C.

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